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boudoir by olivia renee


Seeing yourself as the incredible, powerful, absolutely stunning force of nature that you are isn't always so simple. I believe in the power of photography to capture women in a way that allows them to finally believe in their own beauty. 

I believe every woman deserves to see herself as a work of art.

Hi! I’m olivia renee

let's do this

It's time boudoir was for your gaze.
A way to get in touch with all of the things that make you "art".
A chance to honor and love yourself and your body.
A rebellion against societies expectations.

Radical self love.

boudoir reinvented.

Boudoir with Soul.

My clients tend to be women who are ready to love themselves...and damnit, they're giving themselves permission to just do it already.

A lot of women walk through the studio doors who are fiercely independent and ambitious. They fight to better the lives of others and are wildly supportive of their friends -- but they might not spend a lot of that energy on themselves.

They crave self-care and healing. Booking this session is part of that journey. They are hoping to SEE themselves...for the first time in a long time or maybe the first time ever.

A lot of my clients were never looking for a boudoir shoot -- but they saw something different here. Something bigger that called to them and made them reconsider. Suddenly they could imagine this experience for themselves.

whatever reason brought you here is valid and beautiful -- even if you don't know what it is yet.

and i am honored to be a part of your journey.


"I wanted to do this session to remind myself that I am beautiful and sexy. I was so blown away. I felt proud of how I looked. I think you captured me exactly how I wanted to look."


"I couldn't believe how good I felt about myself walking out of the studio. It was an overwhelming feeling of confidence and pride in my body. I couldn't believe how beautiful they turned out! I knew they would be good, but was stunned by the way she captured me."


"This experience was an absolute blast! I felt so comfortable and am so happy with the results! I couldn't believe how quickly we were able to get so many great shots! I would absolutely recommend this confidence-boosting, self-celebrating experience. I'm so happy I'll have these photos forever!"


"I had so much fun just letting loose and feeling beautiful but also sexy. YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING STUDIO!! Thank you for making the session so fun and care free! I have told everyone I know! I feel so lucky to have worked with you and would love to again in the future."

I can't wait to chat.

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