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Every woman deserves a portrait that makes her feel gorgeous.

boudoir by olivia renee


I believe in empowering women through photography. I believe that you are incredible, amazing, and worth it just as you are, right now, today. I believe that if you don’t see this yourself, portraits are an opportunity to change that.

I believe that every woman is capable of falling in love with images of herself.

Hi! I’m olivia renee

let's do this

Welcome to the BOUDOIR PORTRAIT EXPERIENCE that is all about you. 

Your Boudoir Session will empower you. It will give you confidence. It will encourage you to love yourself. It will allow you to celebrate the woman you are just as you are.

modern boudoir portraits

empowerment. confidence. self love.

"I wanted to do this session to remind myself that I am beautiful and sexy. I was so blown away. I felt proud of how I looked. I think you captured me exactly how I wanted to look."


"I couldn't believe HOW GOOD I FELT ABOUT MYSELF walking out
of the studio. It was an overwhelming feeling of CONFIDENCE AND
BEING PROUD OF MY BODY. I couldn't believe how beautiful they
turned out! I knew they would be good, but was STUNNED BY THE


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