Let's be real for a minute.

I don't do any of that cheesy, male-gaze, "some how I got my stiletto heel caught in my thong" kind of boudoir. Hard pass.

These images are first and foremost, for YOUR gaze. And you'll find yourself so obsessed with them that you'll want to share them with everyone, put them on the wall of your bedroom, & flip through your album anytime you need to be reminded that you're a bad ass bombshell.

Once I realized the POWER in photographing women this way -- I was addicted. Women come to me unsure and hesitant and leave asking when they can do it again and posting photos in their underwear on Instagram. It's THE BEST.

I am inspired by every woman who steps in front of my lens, and I love capturing images that could only ever be of her. Never to be replicated with a new subject. I love giving women the tools to see themselves in a new light.

 I use the word women a lot, but if you don't identify as a woman, that doesn't disqualify you from this experience.

I pride myself on running a studio that respects all bodies, skintones, identities, sexualities, & disabilities. Come as you are. Anyone who feels drawn to my work is welcome in my studio.

I am addicted to coffee & cute coffee mugs.

I love watching soccer & basketball.

Anthropologie is my happy place.

My dog's name is Luna Lovegood.

I want to retire in Italy.

I have Derry Girls memorized.


There is a 100% chance I will yell compliments at you.


behind the scenes ft: my top knot and the strange things I do for the shot.

throw away the script. boudoir can be whatever we want it to be.

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